Why Prosper?

Prosper is the new name created from the merger of 3d Architects who are experts in retail delivery and Studio Tait who are a retail branding and interiors agency.

From the outset Prosper was always meant to be more than just a new brand identity. It's intention was more ethos driven, a culture to embrace.

We had to create a mutual platform that both companies could adopt not only to look the same but behave in the same way, sharing the same values and purpose. Prosper is a belief in our integrity, giving purpose to why we came together. So our clients business can flourish, the industries we work in can thrive, customers benefit. It is at the heart of everything. 

Prosper was chosen because it reflects those reasons. To improve, to learn, to benefit from each others knowledge and skills.It is about fulfilling ambition both now and in the future celebrating the end benefit for everyone.

Prosper works on a brand, client and human level it empowers people. When things come together and work we all ‘Prosper’.

The creative idea was simple it had to reflect and respect all elements of the three disciplines without being bias to one. The logo is a very simple marque, bold and honest. The letters close together reflecting a joined offer. The supporting graphic language is taken from zooming into the word reflecting graphic cues of architecture and interiors without being overt. This created a modular set of symbols that make up our internal and external language. 

The identity was stress tested to work across all channels from print and digital to physical space. Our tone of voice is straight forward and to the point it describes in simple terms what we do design, develop, deliver - inspire/create/prosper celebrating our end to end service under one roof.

The colour palette reflects the materials we work with everyday tonal, tactile and tangible with a hint of sophistication. Nothing shouty and using colour as an accent rather than dominating the canvas.

Colin Walsh

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