Covent Garden’s Noël Pop-up Shop

Our imaginations are brimming with festive ideas in the Prosper office and the recent launch of a Christmas themed pop-up has caught our eye.

Covent Garden’s Floral Street is the chosen destination for Noël, a pop-up store project managed by retail designer Linda Tait and her daughter Aubrey. Here she shares her experience of setting up the specially-curated seasonal store.

How is the Noël pop-up adding to the customer’s Christmas shopping experience in Covent Garden?

"Noël has been a personal venture for Aubrey and I. The customer feedback we’ve received is mostly surprise and delight that there is a shop dedicated to independent British designers and makers. The British Christmas theme is something completely different amongst the family of shops already in Covent Garden."

"Customers were not expecting to find it here and that element of surprise and intrigue comes hand-in-hand with pop-ups, making them a really effective way of connecting shoppers with a brand. Customers have liked that Noël is a longer-term pop-up, so they can return as much as they want during the festive season to find unique gift ideas from independent artists, designers and makers." 

What were the most important things you had to consider when designing the shop?

"Definitely Branding. The brand must be believable and professional as well as appealing. The simplicity of a white box pop-up allowed us to incorporate bold statements in the design which shaped the space beautifully."

"It’s also crucial to showcase products correctly. We selected fixturing and shelving units that presented the artisan items at the right level and price point. For pop-ups, the design elements need to be easily removable and able to be used elsewhere."  

"Finally, the use of space was fundamental to this project. We’ve built extra space into the store design so that events and workshops can take place and incorporated a section for a gift wrapping service available to all Covent Garden shoppers. We also used some of the extra space as an area to showcase the merchandise so that shoppers attending events or using the gift wrapping service can browse the stock and pick something to buy."

The Noël pop-up shop will run until December 28th. Products are also available to buy from their online store 


Jodene Barron-Alcock

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Image of Covent Garden's Noël Pop-up shop
Image of Covent Garden's Noël Pop-up shop