1855 Wine Bar Bistro

1855’s founders are wine connoisseurs keen to infuse their passion and knowledge, so the branding and interior create a memorable learning experience for both novice and enthusiast. The name conveys history - 1855 being the year wine was first classified - while playful coasters narrate the wine tasting process and drinks menus guide and inform. A striking bespoke artwork represents the brand throughout, encapsulating the fluid movement and rich colours of wine.

The interior design works in harmony with its setting - a 200 year-old listed building in Oxford’s Castle Quarter. Blending authentic materials like brick and wood with modern touches creates a unique atmosphere that transitions seamlessly from day to evening service. Innovative solutions include an oxidised mirror installation, which impactfully reflects the space while concealing blank interior windows with planning permission restrictions.

The dramatic double-height presentation wall showcases over 1000 wine bottles, and unites the two floors. Upstairs a more intimate seating area sparkles with cut-crystal light bulbs and easily reconfigures to hold tasting workshops or private functions. A contemporary glass extension fuses indoors with an exterior seating area, under awnings that feature the signature 1855 marque. 

Shortlisted for Restaurant & Bar Awards 2014

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