Intu Bromley

After Capital Shopping Centres rebrands as Intu, refurbishing the 25 year old Bromley Shopping Centre is the first project to translate this new identity into the built environment and express Intu’s brand personality. To attract higher quality retailers on a small budget, spend is targeted on enhancing areas that deliver the most tangible uplift to the customer experience.

Strategic spatial planning focuses on the customer journey. The mall links two high streets so to encourage people walking through to pause and engage with the offering, the main atrium is transformed into a people-focused dwell space. An upgraded and repositioned wayfinding system also eases the customer journey, with signage expressing Intu’s helpful and friendly brand voice. 

For a more upmarket feel, fussy architectural detail and lighting is decluttered in favour of clean white lines and a restrained material palette. WCs and baby change facilities upgraded to contemporary finishes also meet modern shoppers’ expectations. Bursts of Intu’s vivid brand orange are used sparingly to not distract from the retail offering. The fresher, lighter design is successfully drawing in new aspirational retailers while also inspiring existing retailers to upgrade their own shopfronts.

BCSC Gold Award 2015 finalist

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  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Asset Enhancement
  • Interior Architecture
  • Environment Graphics
  • Retail Design Delivery
  • Project Management