Nationwide Offices

Practical spatial planning for 10,000 office staff encourages flexible, collaborative working and improves efficiency, increasing occupancy by 10%

Nationwide’s new Optimus building is created to relocate 1,000 of the building society’s head office staff. Working within 7,200 sq m of space spread over three floors, our new office design houses a desk per staff member plus 287 seats for teamwork and meetings. Introducing new refreshment areas and a canteen encourages more collaboration, plus bright and airy break-out areas and multi-purpose rooms to aid flexible working and spatial efficiency. 

Guidelines for new collaborative work spaces are created in conjunction with people who use them. Active listening and engagement to consider various stakeholders’ needs and wants help to obtain buy in for proposals. The practical layout, alongside reducing workstation size by 7cm, increases occupancy by 10% while retaining all operational needs. The programme and costs are tight and involve working closely with the contractor appointed to carry out the works. 

Following the valued added at Optimus, Nationwide ask us to rationalize three further office buildings for around 8,750 of its staff - two admin centres in Swindon and one in Northampton. The challenge is to incorporate ample work spaces, whilst retaining existing building features and meeting rooms wherever possible, plus add new collaboration spaces. To allow the client to select the best value for money, we provide three options for each building - ideal layout, low cost layout and exploiting the existing option - advising on where it’s sensible to retain facilities and where it’s not so cost effective. 

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  • Feasibility Study
  • Concept Design
  • Interior Design
  • Space Planning
  • Value Engineering