Old Street Station, London

This dynamic shopping hub now embodies the area’s creative business and tech culture. Its success has redefined retail for client Transport for London.

Old Street is reinvented as an innovative pop-up destination for shopping and entertainment to entice experimental new businesses and engage weary commuters. Alongside revitalized existing units stand smaller, more flexible trading areas - simple gallery spaces, modern market stalls and even a kiosk in an old cleaner’s cupboard. Available to rent quarterly, monthly or weekly through leasing partner Appear Here, change is easy and appealing for both tenants and client. With the offering curated around different themes, shoppers always see fresh ideas.

To resolve wayfinding issues, each subway tunnel is numbered and colour-wrapped to give it a distinct identity. Digital style ribbons also connect the underground to this tech locality. With clear navigation, commuters can fully absorb Old Street’s enhanced retail experience.

“Old Street Station has been transformed into a hive of creativity”

- Time Out Magazine

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  • Interior Design
  • Asset Enhancement
  • Brand Identity
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Environment Graphics
  • Pop-Ups
  • Project Management
  • Retail Design Delivery
Old Street Station Wayfinding designed by Prosper
London's Old Street Station wayfinding designed by Prosper
Vibrant wayfinding at London's Old Street station created by Prosper
Vibrant external wayfinding at Old Street Station designed by Prosper
Subway staircase vibrant wayfinding designed by Prosper
Old Street station's bright wayfinding designed by Prosper
Refreshed retail design for Old Street Station designed by Prosper