Retail Design Standards

Detailed design standards elevate quality and consistency for Transport for London’s retail portfolio, and ensure tenants best fit their context

Transport for London (TfL) is one of the largest landowners in London and is embarking on a new drive to effectively uphold and enhance the quality of its retail property portfolio. To underpin this new strategy, Prosper is appointed as primary retail consultant to create a set of standards and design criteria. 

This marketing tool provides a guide for retailers and helps them remain respectful and relevant to the design and architecture of the overall station. It organises the London Underground stations across TfL’s vast network into three categories according to era: Heritage, Standard and Contemporary. For each category are detailed guidelines and inspiration from signage, flooring, pop-ups, hoarding to lighting. Delivered as a hardback-bound guide, it also comes in a digital format for retailers and agents to conveniently access online. 

A kiosk design is also part of the strategy - with Prosper developing a concept that is highly adaptable to suit different retailers’ needs, whilst again ensuring consistency and quality for TfL.

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TfL's Retail Design Standards created by Prosper
TfL's design standards for their retail portfolio
Core elements of TfL's retail design standards created by Prosper
TfL's digital retail design standards created by Prosper
TfL's design guide for retailers created by Prosper
Retail design standards for Transport for London created by Prosper