International Architects

Expanding to new business locations can be challenging enough, even within your home country. When moving into new foreign territories, you have the additional obstacles of a different language, culture and building regulations to overcome.

You need a partner you can trust to help navigate all those hurdles to explain and de-risk that process. If you are a UK company wanting to move into Europe, or a European business wanting to expand into the UK market, we can do just that. 

We have native French and Spanish speaking qualified architects with experience working on projects in France, Spain and the UK. They will facilitate your expansion plans using local knowledge and expertise.

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European expansion

Prosper has proven experience in assisting brands to expand their presence across Europe. For example, we helped Primark - one of the UK’s leading clothes retailers - move into Spain by opening a flagship store in the capital Madrid. We have also rolled-out seven French stores including Lyon, Marseille, Dijon and three locations in Paris.

Our approach with international projects

A key part of our success is having a good understanding of the local customs and regulations and matching those to the requirements of the specific store while also staying true to the core brand concept.

We achieve that by teaming up with local architects and having native architects in house who understand the client, the culture and the process in that country. Our diverse team includes French and Spanish speaking architects.